Promoting Your Business The Right Way

Without promoting your business, you’ll be sure to struggle when it comes to generating sales. With that said, if your business is promoted in the wrong way, it can result in a lot of hard work, time and money wasted. In order to promote your business in the right way you should follow the following steps:

Create a marketing plan

If you’re wanting your business to be portrayed in the right manner then you’re going to need a marketing plan. What this does is essentially gives you an outline of your strategies, goals and a tool for measuring the success of campaigns. Prior to promoting your business you should conduct market research so you’re aware of your target audience, their buying habits and competitors in the market.

Focus on your unique selling points

You don’t want to be promoting your product or service for the wrong reasons, you wouldn’t make many sales if you promote your taxi service as “Sometimes on time – Local Taxis”. Focusing on your USP (unique selling points) allows you to portray your product/service in a positive manner and in a way that appeals to your target market. You should always give a little insight into your USP’s also to backup your claim.

Targeting the right customers

Without understanding who is going to be purchasing your product/service then you’re going to inevitably throw a lot of time and money down the drain on marketing to people who have no interest in your company. For example if you’re selling dog food, it makes sense to target people who have a pet dog. Although it’s not always as simple as this, the more market research you do, the easier it becomes to target the right people. This also lowers your promotional expenses and increases your sales – win, win.

Methods of promoting your business

The methods you take to promote your business will always depend on the business you’re running, however for the purpose of this article we’re just going to go over some of the best options for reaching the general public.

Online Marketing

When it comes to marketing your business online, you should always start with a website to showcase your business, this allows you to control exactly what people see about your business and can use the things you’ve learnt to promote your business correctly. You can also use methods such as social media marketing, email marketing, PPC (Pay per click advertising), newsletters and content marketing.

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing is still crucial to building a businesses reputation and shouldn’t be forgotten, especially in trade businesses. Some of the methods you can use are: leafleting, networking, advertising, direct mail and word of mouth.


Word of mouth is the most trusted method of promoting a business. If someone receives a recommendation from someone they trust, 9 times out of 10 they’ll trust that recommendation and use the company. If you can get customers promoting your business for you, your sales will rocket!

Constantly innovating

Finally, even when you’ve set your business up and are promoting it in the right manner to generate more sales and increased brand recognition. You also need to be constantly innovating your business, as business waits for nobody. Make sure you’re always positioned in a way that portrays your business in a manner that attracts your target audience.

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