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I’m not sure Facebook needs an introduction but we’ll give it one anyway. Facebook is THE social media platform and has been for the last 10 years, with over 2 billion monthly users, using Facebook to advertise your company is a no brainer. Especially since it’s free to use and super simple to use. That’s why it’s no surprise that over 90% of social media advertisers use Facebook to advertise their marketing campaigns and you should be too. Why Use Facebook? With Facebook having more active users every month than any other social media platform, it makes sense to use Facebook to try and reach potential customers. Facebook have realised the benefits of target advertising and have in recent years invested in their advertising and insights functionality, making it an easy and accessible platform to market your business. The main benefit of using Facebook to advertise your business is the ability to refine who sees your ad and also the low marketing costs that go with running Facebook ads. As Facebook collects data about you through your page likes, what your interests are, your job title and much more, they can profile you and categorise accounts. When running an ad on Facebook you can select which categories you’d like to display your ad to – for example 18-30 year olds, who like pop music and live in London. This increases your ads engagement and conversion rate as you’re targeting a demographic that are most likely to be interested in your post. Furthermore you can review the performance of your posts using Facebook’s insights tool, this allows you to see how many views, likes and conversions your post has. The more you refine your ad audience and boost your post’s interaction, the more you’ll begin to see a network emerging around your company’s profile. This is because you’ll have built your brand’s authority and gained a loyal following, something Facebook is great for doing! In addition to Facebook boosting your business page’s interaction, it can also boost your website’s traffic and search engine ranking. Although you don’t receive a backlink from Facebook to your website if you input your business website, you do have the benefit of user’s clicking on your website link from your Facebook page. Furthermore facebook pages are indexed and therefore rank highly for the keyword of your business or name – hence why if you type in your name your facebook page is usually near the top. This once again increases your companies authority and can increase your website’s traffic. Now that you know a few reasons why you should be using Facebook, it’s time to learn how to launch a Facebook advert campaign.


Launching a Facebook Advert Campaign Below is a video tutorial of how to set up a Facebook advert. Facebook Advertising Advanced Tactics


    1. Use prospecting ads to grow your business awareness and product/service interest, then use retargeting ads to target the users who interacted with your initial ad. This is a great way of ensuring that your ads are engaging with the right users.
    1. Use lookalike audiences to find potential target users. Lookalike audiences are great when it comes to identifying users who may have an interest in your ad based that they’re similar to your previous customers.
    1. Don’t run the same ad for all of your campaigns or target audiences. Each ad should be targeting a specific demographic and within the ad have something that appeals to that demographic’s interest.
  1. Keep analysing your ad results and testing alternative post times, content, audience and so on until you’re happy with your ad results.


Without a shadow of a doubt your business should be on Facebook. Even if it’s a business page that has up to date contact information and your company logo, if you’re not on Facebook then you’re not gaining as many customers as you should be. When it comes to using Facebook as a marketing tool, the ability to focus on a target audience with specific characteristics is unrivaled, plus they also have the largest amount of users for any social media site ever. When marketing your business to these users insure that your content appeals to their interests, is visually appealing and constantly test your results and make improvements based on the data provided.


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